First Entry

Blogging was always just a thought floating over my head. That includes writing. I have never really seen myself as a good writer although I have been inspired by the blogs that I have read over the years. At first, I just thought to myself that I should just start writing recipes of the foods that I started to learn to cook so I wouldn’t have to experiment much every time I cook a specific dish. That includes googling the ingredients and procedures of a specific dish that I wanted to cook.

Then my dad got diagnosed with ALS. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease is a rapidly progressive motor neuron disease that attacks the neuron cells that are responsible for the voluntary muscles of the body that will eventually leave its victim incapable to move. Unfortunately, the disease is incurable as of the moment but treatable. The progress of the disease was swift to the point that within three months of getting the diagnosis from the doctor, he had difficulties holding anything on his hands let alone bear to stand longer than an hour. He even had to have his own personal cutlery made out of plastic rather due to it being too heavy for him to use. Cooking, which is his favorite hobby, suddenly became a distant past.

I told myself that I need to learn how to cook the food that he used to cook for us. From the basic adobo to the Ilocano specific food such as sinampalukang kambing. By learning how to cook, he could still be able to taste the food that he likes by me learning it and documenting it if the time comes that his disease will progress to the point that he will have a struggle speaking.

Initially, I planned to just post photos on my social media accounts and document the recipe on my computer.However, I noticed that whenever I tried to google the dish that I cooked, there are only a few entries, if not, none at all.

I decided that I should try to put my dad’s recipe and my own way of cooking on some of my favorite dishes in a blog. This blog will serve as my own way of promoting Filipino cuisine, specifically Ilocano dishes, and preserving my dad’s recipes.


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